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Abloom : Services

Salon & Styling

Reinvent yourself by altering your hairdo and maintaining it healthy. Our creative stylists offer a range of haircuts and styling options that serves the aesthetics of all kinds of personalities.


Facials rejuvenate skin, improve complexion and cell regeneration, and help maintain a fresh glow. Furthermore, different treatments are available for different skin types to provide more accurate care.



Skin Care

We provide highly effective treatments for skin care and skin related problems while enhancing the fundamentals of good skin. We offer a range of clean-ups and Facials that work on the deep most layers of skin to help you glow and shine.



Hair Spa Services

Most of the hair related problems arise due to daily stress and pollution of the surroundings we travel and live in. Timely treatment of your hair ensures strength and health for the same. At Abloom Spa & Salon, we offer different hair treatmentsto curb hair fall and breathe new lease of life into dry and damaged hair along with chronic dandruff problems.Experience our therapies and free yourself from the above tensions. Our treatments will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, revitalized and most importantly – relieved of your hair problems.

Body Massages & Wellness

In a world filled with stress and tensions, you do not have to look for a place that takes your burden off and transports you to a world of complete peace and tranquil. Stop by at our SPA, experience different massages we offer and enjoy uninterrupted relief.



Personal Grooming

Personal Grooming is an extension of your etiquette and social appearance and no longer an indulgence. It is almost impossible to step into your workplace or social gatherings without a well groomed appearance. Hence, we offer a range of special services that covers traditional as well as some of our exclusive treatments.
Well groomed hands and feet reflect your outlook towards life to the outside world.